Monday, March 8, 2010

Photo of the Week 2...What Am I?

I'm proud of my certificate from the Missouri Mappers Association. It was achieved though dedication and testing of my skills with understanding the "cadastral" mapping system setup by the State Tax Commission in the early 80's for a state wide reassessment of real property.
At present, I am still using the pen and ink method...

Below is a map print...actually, right in the middle is my property...about 1.23 acre. Looks pretty cool from the air.

This is a view of my mapping workstation...note the light is really helpful when using a photo underlay and a mylar on top to draw property lines. See my stack of work in the lower left...I'm so behind...this work should have been done by the end of January. I need a clone...2 jobs in one is getting to be an art form. I couldn't give up one over the other.

The tract books are about 2' by 2' and are quite heavy and must be carried to that long table in the back of upper photo for viewing.

This is one of 2 safes that hold some of the most valuable land records for Reynolds County. These are my tract books and contain land transfer information from the late 1880's to the present.

When I pondered this question, I first thought of something odd or unusual...I guess some would say that I am odd and unusual.

I looked around and decided that I am a Jane of all trades...besides being a mom, wife and grandma, my job outside the house keeps me pretty busy.

This is my main work and computer work here!!! Seems crowded, but it saves steps when everything is within reach.
At work, I wear two hats...the first is kinda like a crown...I am the queen of Title Insurance, Deed preparation and the all round "go to" person when it comes to real estate. I love my job because I not only get to work with so many lovely people, but I also enjoy the research and history part of the job. I get to pour over old courthouse records...finding lost heirs...and getting the satisfaction that I have solved and brought together "a chain of good title".

My second hat is sorta like that of a "pirate", you know...using maps for treasure hunting... only since I am involved with the mapping of our county's real estate records...yea...I actually take a deed description and plat it or draw it out for taxing purposes. I've been the mapper or "cartographer " with Reynolds County for over 25 years now...boy I really am getting old. This is also a job that I love dearly. Give me a E 1/2 NW 1/4 SW 1/4 Section 16, Township 32 North, Range 2 East any day and I'll be a happy camper. Several years ago I attained the designation of Professional Missouri, I have a title...Michelle the PMM. Sounds pretty important doesn't it?
As you see...I still haven't mastered inserting pictures...but I think my next post will be better...I have a plan...until then, have a great day....Shelly


  1. WOW! What a great job you have! I've always been a big admirer of maps and the work that goes into them. I remember I used to love drawing maps in primary school. A wonderful post, Shelly, and so interesting to learn about this part of you.

  2. Both my husband and myself love genealogy. Land records are one of our favorite places to search. Several times these records have proven family links. Yahooo ! ! ! !
    Lots of our research was here at the State Archives and several counties in NW MO.


  3. What a great post and Ive been there....just wondering any down falls of the you and you are the best as always at your job and no matter what ya do...I hope everyone also knows when she came to school, moved to our area, shelly was introduced as the girl with a outstanding high IQ..and she does...can do it all...always Judy

  4. wow .... the intricacies... quite the day job... you have my admiration too...