Monday, March 29, 2010

Photo of the Week...My Favorite Color

I figured that this would be an easy favorite color...but....I decided that I don't have a least not just one. The picture below is of my tote that I use everyday. I bought it for two because I just love the color combination and two...because I wanted a pattern for making ones of my own.

Just as I was happy with my choice....I looked around my bedroom for more inspiration and every wall is adorned with sage green...yes...maybe my favorite color!!! I guess you can say that I have "many" vinyetts. In this corner is a scrip picture from my girls along with special wall pockets and antique doilies.

On this wall is a special tapestry purchased from a friend's shop...just love the sage green and it went well with my birdhouse.

This is the wall above my bed where I hang my angels...of course, I painted the shelf to match the other greens in my room. The spray was purchased from the same friend...she is not in business any more, but always had such beautiful pieces. The little lady hanging on the left is a borrowed piece, and made by one of our blogging friends!!!

This is the corner of my life where I do most of my serious thinking and TV watching. See...more green and the Big Gold Chair. On the self are some homemade fabric balls and 4 small mirrors purchased from a friend and painted green. The little doorknob shelf was a purchase from a friend and the mirror above it was a gift from a co-worker.

Come, sit for awhile and visit with me....Have a great day....Shelly


  1. that's the thing of it.... it's tough to narrow it down to just one colour...

    I like the soft sage-y greens too....

  2. I tried that trick too. Nope... to many colors in my house. I do love that soft green, very serene and calming.

  3. The sage green is beautiful and it compliments your home beautifully. Love the country feel you have going there!

  4. Well when you make a tote like yours,,,I will take one the pics...always Judy