Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday Photo of the Week

Snow...Snow...Snow... 8 inches in all. It started with just flurries about 8:00 A.M. on Friday and snowed all day...into the night...and came to an end early Saturday morning. The day turned out to be just gorgeous. The sun was shinning and the road plows had cleared the highway just in time for some playing. We got a call to come join some friends at a dandy playing spot. We call it "at the end of Circle Drive" It's level and just great for what the kids had in mind. Evy, my granddaughter mounded up a snowball for each hand...she was ready....
Ryan, my son-in-law thought he had one up on Evy....I'm not too sure who got who first!!!

Evy enjoyed her turn on a car hood fashioned with a seat. She was buckled in and ready for her ride. The snow just flew as they whizzed though the open fields. I think she wanted to go faster and faster, but the driver kept things under control.

Now for my picture of the week. From the car window and reflecting in the side mirror, Ryan tries to get one over on Evy. Needless to say, everyone came home cold, wet and hungry. Nothing like playing in the first good snow. Really glad that it was such a beautiful day!
Have a great Monday.....Shelly


  1. Aww, you had lots more fun in your snow than we did in ours! Great pictures!!!

  2. What a fun time in the snow! I like your photo from the car window...nice perspective with the reflection in the side mirror.

  3. Wow, all that snow. It looks like everyone was having fun in the snow. Great photos.

    PS: I've just joined a photo a week (

  4. Hi Shelly. Love your pics. Thankfully our snow has now all gone :-)
    A x

  5. Glad they all enjoyed the snow, our bunch sure did..Great Pics..

  6. hahah.... great shot Shelly....

    we're supposed to get some more flakes later today...but, then...we are north of the 49th.... it'll be a month or two yet before we don't expect it every few days or so.... ... but, is sunny with a brilliant blue sky...who can complain?

  7. Great photos !! Looks like everyone really enjoyed playing in the snow..You asked about the images on my blog.. alot of them are stamped images that I have stamped, and some are digi images that I buy.If you would like to email me your address, I would be happy to send you some stamped images to play with..My email address is on my blog.
    Hugs, Linda