Saturday, February 13, 2010

Photo of the Week...Hearts

This was the Lee/Miller homework for the week 2/6/2010 to 2/12/2010. Actually, it was Evy's homework, but it turned out to be a family project, with all of us contributing.... The goal was to make some sort of heart to hang in the school hallway for the yearly Valentine's Party. This beauty, is outlined in glitter and has a boa of feathers as it's border.
I thought this would be a good choice for this week's picture but had trouble loading my pictures Monday. Don't know why...I did everything the same amazes me how each session at the computer can be so different....anyway, this week has been challenging. Evy, my granddaughter that lives in my home, had her tonsils and adenoids removed on Tuesday. What a day...overnight we got about 5 inches of snow and needless to say, the 40 minute trip to Farmington, was about 90 minutes. Traffic wasn't bad at 5 in the morning, and everyone was behaving...just a slow go...I usually don't drive on snow, but I can if needed.
The surgery was a success and Evy did a super good job. Her voice got a little sweeter as did her temperament. Can you tell that she is one of the 5 joys of my life?
Have a great day....Shelly


  1. That pink heart would have been an eye-catcher for sure! Great job to all ~ :)

    Glad to hear your grandmother's surgery went well and I'll bet you all sighed with relief to get back home again considering the snow conditions.

  2. Oh Shelly, your heart is gorgeous! I trust your granddaughter is recovering well. Wishing her good health.

  3. I hope your grand daughter is feeling much better and could enjoy Valentine Day.Her heart is adorable.

  4. poor little kids... having to go through something like that must be awful for them.... none of us kids ever had ours touched even though I had tonsilitis and painful swollen glands several times a year. Our Dad refused to let us have any surgeries ... he told us it would make us get fat if we had anything removed.

    Shelly, we are close enough to Vancouver (we are the next province over) ..that we could have gone to the Olympics... but... I always maintain I'm able to see so much more of an event on tv than in person.'s pretty expensive... and, the biggy....I prefer sleeping in my own bed. The best part of going anywhere for me is coming home to my special sanctuary and MY bed!

    However, I've been glued to the tv for 3 days already...I'll be worn out after 14.... hahahh...... after saying about expenses.... the word verification thingy said.... budgitir .....