Friday, January 29, 2010

Good Samaritans

Good afternoon....I just caught a bit of time to share with you my thoughts for today....You know, here in Missouri it is known that if you don't like the weather, just stick around cause it will change at a moments notice. The forecast on last night's 6 o'clock news said to expect snow starting around 9 P.M. and continuing though Friday and ending by Saturday morning with accumulations of 6 plus inches...more in the Southern parts of Missouri. The air is so dry, which is unusual for here, that the snow has been light, but has been falling all day. It's around 2 P.M. , the roadways and cars have a coating of snow but still to see anything to really measure.

Reynolds County is full of rolling hills and curvy 2-lane roadways. Our county has 7 different school districts...some called off school early this morning, but some were stubborn and waited until the snow started falling and getting the kids back home was a problem. One district even said they couldn't send the busses back out and that parents needed to pick up their children...glad that wasn't the school my granddaughter goes to...I would have been pretty mad.

Against my better judgment, my daughter and son in law set out to keep a doctor's appointment in Farmington this morning. While there they called to let me know that the roads weren't too bad and that their trip had been far...On their way home, about 10 miles from home, they came across a lady whose truck had slid off the road. They stopped, gave the lady a ride to call her husband and even drove the truck out of the ditch for the couple. When the thankful husband asked what he owed the kids for their help...they replied "not a thing, we were glad to come though when we did and able to help".....Makes me so proud of my kids!!. They are the "bestest". They have been invited to the couple's campgound to enjoy drinks and fellowship...I hope when the weather is better!

The snow is picking up and coming down a bit harder. It looks beautiful and I'm sure that the area kids will be able to do some sleigh riding this weekend. During my younger days, we used to gather at the best sledding spot, build a bonfire and take turns seeing who could go the farthest down the hillside. Yes, I did have some of those "good ole days"

Have a great one....Shelly


  1. Hi Shelly, just stopping by to look at your blog, your children sound like wonderful people..I really enjoy your blog and reading it, you sound like a wonderful lady and hope we can keep it touch.. thank you for your kind words
    Hugs Norma

  2. It was very caring of your kids to stop and help. I'm glad they arrived home safely ~

  3. Here in mid-MO there's just a light dusting of this evening. But let me tell you with the temp at and around 20 degrees today it is bone-chilling COLD ! ! !
    Ready for Spring here in the capital city.
    Warm Hugs,

  4. What a great story. You certainly raised them right! Stay warm.

  5. Hope you all didn't get too much snow. How sweet of your kids for helping that lady.