Sunday, January 17, 2010

Out and about

I had the most amazing day Saturday. Headed towards our largest shopping area, about 40 minutes away, to pick up my monthly scripts when I found my self pulling into a flea market. I wandered through looking and inspecting all that was offered. I personally thought most worthy items were overpriced, but what do I know? I did find an antique country cupboard that was priced at $350.00. It was in great shape, even had a flour drawer and beautiful wood. Lots of old dishes and linens caught my eye also. I must have spent hours in there just gazing and admiring...what fun.

I still don't have a camera of my own, so I missed some good opportunities. Maybe soon as I am having to borrow my daughter's.

Next, I found myself dinning at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants, we like to call it "Chippy Dippy" for the chips and salsa they provide as an appetizer. Good food and drinks. I did finally pickup my scripts and did a little shopping at the local Walmart. Couldn't believe how long the waiting line was at the pharmacy. Maybe a dozen deep the whole time I was there.

A different way home than the usual. Country gravel roads and lots of scenery. My day out was so enjoyable and stress free. See, I am starting to think of me, me, me.....Have a great day! Shelly


  1. Good for you, sounds like you had a wonderful day out....well, maybe apart from the queue at the pharmacy. :)

  2. Sounds like one of our days...good for you, you, as always